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About us

WEKO Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG is well-known for its non-contact minimal application system which is used for the functionalization of textiles and nonwovens with hydrophilic, hydrophobic or antimicrobial properties as well as the treatment with avivages and softeners or fragrances.

With over 60 years of experience, WEKO realizes innovative and customer-specific projects for textile and nonwoven manufacturers and finishers. Global players from the industry rely on the exact and variable WEKO coating technology, achieving significant cost and quality benefits.

The WEKO wet finishing system works with a special technology whereby spraying rotors arranged in a row rotating at high speed what ensures a non-contact application of liquids in form of micro droplets in a precise and reproducible way.

In addition to the main office near Stuttgart/Germany WEKO maintains two production sites in Germany and Brazil, own sales and service subsidiaries in Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Brazil.

Products and services

WEKO will present its precise and non-contact application system to apply minimal fluid quantities on textile or nonwoven webs – with impressive savings of chemicals, energy and production times.

Textiles and nonwovens are finished with special surface-active substances to optimize their physical properties. To apply functional finishings on the material, liquid water-based dispersions are applied to the web without contacting it. For example, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, antimicrobial, perfuming, flame-retardant, dirt-repellent or haptic finishes like softeners or as well avivages can be realized.

The wide dynamic range in conjunction with the new encapsulated WEKO-ProTec system guarantees uniform application and a clean environment.

The capability of rapid liquor change secures maximum flexibility. Thanks to the exact and minimum application, drying can even be done without in many cases. Liquors used remain free from contamination through the non-contact application and can be reused.



Rotors arranged in a row within a rotor carrier and rotating at high speed ensure non-contact application of water or chemical agents. The rotary movements of the rotors and the resulting centrifugal forces produce a uniform flow of finest micro-droplets. This special technology allows an application of even smallest amounts – precisely, reproducible and adapted to the speed.

News & Innovations


WEKO recently launched its latest generation of the spraying fluid application system – the new WEKO-ProTec. Based on the known rotor technology, an encapsulated rotor carrier was developed, preventing undesirable contamination of the environment securely and reliably. “With the WEKO-ProTec we have succeeded for the first time integrating the many benefits of non-contact liquid application into an extremely clean and safe environment,” stated Markus Klempin, Product Manager for technical textiles and nonwovens.

Harmful chemicals are not applied outside the system thanks to the encapsulation protecting humans from inhaling respirable substances. Moreover the cleaning effort of the machine environment is reduced to a minimum. All in all WEKO-ProTec offers ultra-clean precision. The applied chemical agent only lands where it should land – on the textile or nonwoven web.


WEKO Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG
Friedrich-List-Str. 20-24
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Phone: +49 7117 988-0
Fax: +49 7117 988-114

Robet Mascherpa
Sales Manager MENA SEA
Phone: +49 173 3009597

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